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Timber framed construction (Commercial and residential)
Timber decking (Commercial and residential)

Timber frame construction and the principles of timber frame construction are very similar, in many regards, to the principles of light steel frame construction. Timber framing (including timber decking) is a highly specialised method of construction world wide and has become very popular in Southern Africa as well.

Timber framed construction has been the preferred method of building in the USA and many parts of Europe for hundreds of years and, as a result, they have perfected this method.

The Decker Company : Timber Homes and Decks established its roots in California in 1991 and is now an integral part of Frametech. They bring over 18 years of experience gained in America and abroad in the fields of:

  • Timber framed construction ( Balloon Framing and Stick Framing )
  • Log Homes
  • Timber decking in local and exotic hardwoods
  • Decking with composite and recycled plastic decking
  • Structurally insulated panel construction (very much favoured in Germany and Sweden).

We are also suppliers of a large range of timber decking to the public.